Why Choose Our Wood Cards


Better for your business, better for the earth.
1.100% quality guaranteed
2.100% PVC free, work just like PVC cards
3.Customized the cards for your business needs
4.Durable, reliable and reusable 
5.Printed or engraved your logo
6.Produced with biodegradable materials than any other factories.
7.Non-disruptive when replace your current PVC cards
8.Highlight your eco-friendly practices on a truly green products
9.Use them to dedicate your commitment to protecting the environment
10.Replacing PVC cards to sustainable cards to reduce 50% carbon footprint

About Us

         Recycled Card is a leader in sustainable card manufacturing. Since 2007, our company has specialized in high-quality cards for use in thousands of applications, including credit cards, RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, hotel key cards, transit cards and more.more+

How It Works