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wood RFID Card

            Recycled Card Co., Ltd

    RecycledCard is a leader in sustainable card manufacturing. Since 2007, our company has specialized in high-quality cards for use in thousands of applications, including smart cards, RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, hotel key cards, NFC cards, ID/IC cards, membership cards and more.


    As part of our dedication to protecting the environment, we have developed a high-quality plastic alternative made from 100% recycled materials: natural wood material. Our eco-friendly recycled cards provide the same reliability and functionality of traditional plastic cards without the long-term damaging effects of PVC. Our cards offer superior print quality and durability and are compatible with all security and personalization features, such as RFID chip, magnetic stripes, signature panels and barcodes. Now we develope wood RFID cards, wood magnetic stripe cards, wood business cards, wood membership cards, wood hotel keys in any size and shape.


    RecycledCard is committed to excellent service for all of our customers. We offer competitive pricing and customizable cards in any shape or size, specifically designed to meet your needs. In addition, our team is here to provide support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    You can feel good about choosing RecycledCard for your wood card needs.