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Company Culture

Our Achievements

       Now we are one of largest wood cards manufacturer in the world during about 10 years development. The size, the shape and specifications all can be customized. Each wood card is unique, as the material comes from the beauty of nature. Now our wood RFID cards are used all over the world, for it’s high quality and excellent performance. Our strong team offer 100% performance guarantee for our wood key cards. So far our eco-friendly products are accepted by more than 70 countries. 

Our Mission

      As part of our dedication to protecting the environment, we develop wood cards in the year of 2010. Now we are one of largest wooden cards factory in the world. Currently we provide wood hotel key cards, wood gift cards, wood membership cards, wood business cards, wood proximity cards, wood RFID cards in the most eco-friendly cards etc..

Our Passion

      By using the world’s most eco-friendly material to produce the most biodegradable products, try our best to reduce harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to a greenest earth in the futures. Let our everybody all one’s pygmy effort for our earth. 

Our Culture

      Wood Cards better for your business, better for the earth.