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  • Product name: The Development Of Silicone Bracelet

Silicone Bracelet

         The Development Of Silicone Bracelet

    Silicone wrist band is original come from United States, and it was first popular in the black culture of corner basketball, because the social status of blacks at that time is very low, and most of them are very poor, so when they have no uniforms during play, and just basically shirtless fight, so they use silicone bracelet colors to distinguish between both teams. It’s slowly evolved into a life now it becomes one of very popular decorations not only in United States, but also the worldwide.


    Silica gel bracelet also known as silica gel bracelet, also known as silicone bracelet, silicone wrist band, bracelet silicone, wrist band silicone ring, silicone wrist band, some also call bracelet silicone, wrists band silicone.


    Silicone bracelet is made of 100% silicone material, it has below features: non-toxic, non-cracking, long life, doesn’t stimulate the skin etc.. The bracelet has soft material, elegant design, concise, attractive colors, fashionable, unique various colors and they are popular in Europe, United States and other countries. Worn on the hand, let you very cool, is the fans and promotion of fashion products. Silicone bracelet could be engraved and printed, there has thousands of patterns and colors for you to choose. This products are suitable for all kinds of entertainments, silicone bracelet often go with a variety of organizational activities, brand promotion, sports and so on, and can be used as gifts, souvenirs, advertising promotional gifts, ID  and access control keys.


    Nowadays silicone bracelet, is often used as gift during large-scale international sports games, The Asian Games also choose it, because the concept of environmental protection is in line with the Asian Games spirit, Asian Games athletes also love these silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet is a new product, it is not difficult to find that more and more sports stars enter the stadium wearing silicone bracelet, that let the audience fill full of strength. 


    With decades development, now silicone bracelets are widely used in thousands applications, mostly because of the RFID chips. Born with waterproof and RFID chip embedded in, the silicone bracelet could be used in annual membership clubs, seasonal pass destinations, exclusive/VIP clubs, leisure parks, water parks, festivals, club memberships, cashless payment places, factory operators, events, point of sale, keyless hotel rooms, building access control & security systems, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty programs, waterproof environments,Healthcare and more. 


    Our waterproof silicone RFID bracelet could be embedded in Low frequency(LF) chip, High frequency(HF) chip and Ultra-High frequency(UHF) chip to meet different conditions. The shapes and size could be designed any according to your request. Now we have many exist molds for you to choose and reference.