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  • Product name: Wood Proximity Card And Reader

                       Wood Proximity Card And Reader

   Proximity cards also call prox card, smart card or RFID card, it’s one type of contactless card.  Here we take wood material as carrier to introduce, wood proximity cards is composed by 4 parts:

1. Antenna: that allows the propagation of the electromagnetic field

2. Condenser: that works as a battery

3. Chip: that stores information 

4. Carrier: that stores the antenna, condenser and chip.


    A powered reader continuously transmit a fixed radio frequency signal that will be absorbed by a chip which embedded in the wood material when a proximity wood card close to the reader. These radio frequency will be used as the energy for the chip in the card, and the chip will be powered up, and the chip contains encoded information. As long as the chip is powered, the information in the chip will be transmitted to the reader. The processes of transmission information will be finished in microseconds. 


    The reading distance depends on the both reader and card. Usually when a reader has larger antenna, the reading distance will be longer for a same card. On the other hand, when proximity card is smaller, then the reading distance will be shorter. Another factor to effect the reading distance is the frequency. As the frequency of wood proximity card and reader has a difference more or less, when a reader and card has the same frequency, then the reading distance will be the longest. So if you want to have a longer reading distance, you should buy the proximity card and reader in same frequency. Anyway the read range usually is from 2 to 10cm(1 to 3 inches)


    Compared to the earlier stored data magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards can hold more data and not easy to lose data, what’s more, the proximity cards are extremely security, because it’s impossible to be duplicated.