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  • Product name: Biodegradable Wood Card
  • Product number: Biodegradable Wood Card
  • Added time: 2016-08-19
  • 产品右侧详细: Why choose biodegradable wood card?
  • 产品右侧详细: *Our wooden key is secure and impossible to clone keeping your guests’ identities safe.
  • 产品右侧详细: *Our keys have unmatched lock interrogation features for security.
  • 产品右侧详细: *Never need to replace worn cards and never wear out due to continual “swipes.”
  • 产品右侧详细: *These keys are safer and more convenient conventional key cards.
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Biodegradable cherry/birch/walnut/sapele/cherry Wood card

1. Size: 2’’ diameter 
2. Thickness: 48mil and others
3. Material: birch
4. Printing: engraved or 4c
5. Chip: Mifare chips and others
6. Other Crafts: personal information, thermal printing serial number, engraved numbers, barcode, magnetic stripe and more
7. Applications: -Access control
-Membership Loyalty System
-Time attendance
-Hotel locks
-Parking System
-Logistic application
-Supply Chain
-Single-use ticket
-Multiple-use ticket (book of tickets)
-Publice transportation- Store value