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  • Product name: High-end Elegant Posh Sustainable Cards
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  • Added time: 2016-10-02
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High-end Elegant Posh Sustainable Cards

      With the natural of beauty, a sustainable card can give people a more elegant feeling. Wood IC/ID card and wood sustainable card are made of natural wood, high-end elegant posh, unique and novel, eco-friendly, can carve all kinds of personalized information. The crafts includes: screen printing, line carving, carved hollow, etc.. These wood cards are customizable, more information you can send your inquiry to us: There have several advantages of wood IC/ID card:


1. Earth Friendly

Now, the wood is recognized as the world's oldest sustainable material. Secondly, wood cards are less harmful to the environment compared to the PVC cards, the amount of emissions of carbon dioxide from the production processes of wooden cards can illustrate this point, wood products have good environmental characteristics. Also compared with other materials, the consumed energy of producing wood material items is much less. In addition, wood has pleased characters of sight, touch, and smell.


2. Heath

People is born with the closeness to nature, and this is just wood’s nature. That’s why people is more willing to tend to choose wood items. Compared with plastic, rubber, metal products, the characteristics of non-toxic, will helps the wood items accepted by most of us.


3. High-end Elegant Posh

The wooden card all over the world is still in its infancy, wooden card membership card, name card, chip card has become the new darling of today's social success, the awareness of environmental protection is more and more popular, wood products has become a fashion, what are you hesitating?